Download our android phone app to locally encode information about your grafts using RFID. Place a tag beside your grafted trees, so you can remember year to year what graft species and varietals you’ve tried and where they are on the tree. Comes with Super Secret encoding/ decoding book!
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Download the guerrilla grafters app to track your grafts using RFID and NFC on android phones. A lot more work could be done to make this code lighter. We welcome development!

What does it do?

This app allows you read and write NFC/ RFID tags embedded in the tree to track your grafts. It records the species and varietal as well as date and approximate location of the graft. We use the app and the code book. Find out more about Near field communication

What is required?

At the moment this app only works on android due to limitations on using nfc on iOS. If you know how to get this working, please let us know. To run this app you only need a recent (but not new) android phone. Galaxy S4 works great. The phone needs to have NFC capability, but does not need a sim card.

Here is a list of Android phones that support NFC

NOTE: During the installation You need to change your phone’s security settings to allow for unsigned apps

How do I get the App?

Click to download the RAW code and install the app.
or scan this qr code to down load the app to your android.

downlad the app

How do I get the Super Secret Code Book?

Click to download the corresponding Super Secret code book to encode and decode your grafters notes.

super secret code book