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@@ -9,9 +9,11 @@ Guess.js for non-Webpack sites.
:heavy_check_mark: **Dynamic:** As your site changes, prefetch links will adjust accordingly. (No more hardcoded prefetch URLs.)
:heavy_check_mark: **Intelligent:** Predictive fetching uses the client's connection type to determine whether a resource should be prefetched.
:point_right: <a href="" target="_blank">View Demo</a>
## How guess-static-sites works
This directory uses Google Analytics data to determine which page a user is mostly likely to visit next from a given page (***generatePredictions.js***).
A client-side script (which you'll add to your application) sends a request to the server you are running to get the URL of the page it should fetch, it then prefetches this resource (***script.js & server.js***).

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