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This module is used for route extraction by the GuessPlugin. The module exports several functions:


npm i guess-parser --save-dev


  • detect(path: string) - Detects the project type and returns metadata. For the currently supported projects see the ProjectMetadata interface.
  • parseRoutes(path: string) - Extracts the routes of the application in path. Internally uses the detect function.
  • parseAngularRoutes(tsconfig: string) - Extracts the routes of an Angular application. As arguments the function accepts path to the tsconfig.json file of the project.
  • parseReactJSXRoutes(path: string) - Extracts the routes from React JSX project. See the supported syntax below.
  • parseReactTSXRoutes(tsconfig: string) - Extracts the routes from React TypeScript projects which uses JSX by tsconfig.json file. See the supported syntax below.
export interface ProjectMetadata {
  type: ProjectType;
  version: string;
  details?: ProjectLayout;

export enum ProjectType {
  AngularCLI = 'angular-cli',
  CreateReactApp = 'create-react-app',
  Gatsby = 'gatsby',
  CreateReactAppTypeScript = 'create-react-app-typescript'

export interface ProjectLayout {
  typescript?: string;
  tsconfigPath?: string;
  sourceDir?: string;

Supported Syntax


Because of the produced summaries by the Angular compiler the Angular parser supports most Angular CLI applications as well as most starters.


Because of the dynamic nature of React and lack of standard route definition syntax, only applications using the following convention can be successfully parsed:

<Router history={history}>
  <div className="App">
    <Link to="/intro">Intro</Link>
    <Link to="/main">Main</Link>
        <Redirect exact={true} from="/" to="/intro" />
        <Route path="/intro" component={AsyncComponent(() => import('./intro/Intro'))} />
        <Route path="/main" component={Main} />

Currently, there are several important conventions:

  • Support only for JSX syntax
  • Support only for react-router-like syntax
  • The path attribute of the <Route/> element must have value of type string literal.
  • The lazy-loaded components should have dynamic import with the following structure of the AST:
    • CallExpression (e.g. AsyncComponent) with a single argument
    • The type of the argument should be an ArrowFunction
    • The arrow function should have an expression as body (e.g. CallExpression)
    • To the CallExpression should be passed a StringLiteral which points to the lazy-loaded module

Contributions aiming to extend the supported syntax are very welcome!