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•.NET Console for Nim•
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•Sum• nimble

Con/IO is a lightwight terminal library, made to recreate Console API for Nim and fix std\terminal issues.
Full compatibility is not prioritized at given moment, but desirable in future.
Installation: run nimble install conio in terminal.
❗ Currently only compiles on Windows systems ❗


  • Standartized coloration support.
  • Enforced prefix (con.) API isolation.
  • Extended ASCII support for both input and output.
  • Getters/setters to manage terminal title, buffer size and visibility.


Since Con/IO was developed mainly for internal usage, no documentation will likely be included before v0.3.
Provided examples and reading original .NET docs is a way to understand how to use this lib until then.

•Brief sample of terminal glorification•


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