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Production ready scalable Magento setup utilizing the docker
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Magento - Odoo connector docker image

This docker image is meant to be used for the development of


  • Installs Magento
  • Installs the Magento Sample data
  • Installs the PHP Magento module allowing to connect Odoo to Magento


This docker image expects 2 other linked containers to work .

  1. Mysqldb or Mariadb linked as 'db'

  2. Memcached linked as 'cache'

Starting this container

$ docker run -td --name mariadb -e USER=user -e PASS=password  paintedfox/mariadb
$ docker run --name memcached -d -p 11211 sylvainlasnier/memcached

Build the image and run it

git clone .
cd docker-magento
docker build -t docker-magento .
docker run -p 80:80 --link mariadb:db --link memcached:cache -td docker-magento 

The installation takes somes times as it needs to load the sample database.

Now visit your public IP in your browser and you will see the frontend. The login/password for the backend is admin/admin25.

Advanced information

This Image will utilize the environment variables from the linked containers and automatically configure its magento itself.

Cache will be preconfigured.


Now as you think you may need to get into our Docker-magento container to be easily look into things, I did not package an SSH server just for this purpose.

You can use NSENTER to get into our container

Need support?


Original image:

Please look at these repositories for adding more parameters/configuring them

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