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Bootstrapping the buildout

Dependencies: http://pythonhosted.org/anybox.recipe.openerp/first_steps.html#installing-build-dependencies

For a quick installation, just run:

$ ./bootstrap.sh
$ bin/buildout

Then create a database and install Odoo:

$ createdb odoo_magento8
$ bin/start_openerp -d odoo_magento8 -i magentoerpconnect --stop-after-init

You may be interested to read the full documentation on http://pythonhosted.org/anybox.recipe.openerp/

Starting Odoo

Just run:

$ bin/start_openerp

Or in multiprocessing mode:

$ bin/start_openerp --workers=4
$ bin/start_connector_worker --workers=1  # start the connector jobs workers

Using Supervisord

To launch supervisor:

$ bin/supervisord

This will launch automatically the process start_openerp. In addition, the process openerp to launch a server in standalone will be available in supervisor.

To manage the processes:

$ bin/supervisorctl

In supervisorctl type help to see all commands.

Running the tests

To run the unit tests of the connector module:

With start_openerp:

$ bin/runtests --database odoo_magento8 -u connector

With nose:

$ bin/odoo_nosetests -d odoo_magento8 -- --nologcapture --with-coverage --pdb parts/connector/connector/tests

To run the unit tests of the connector_ecommerce module:

With start_openerp:

$ bin/runtests --database odoo_magento8 -u connector_ecommerce

With nose:

$ bin/odoo_nosetests -d odoo_magento8 -- --nologcapture --with-coverage --pdb parts/connector-ecommerce/connector_ecommerce/tests

To run the unit tests of the magentoerpconnect module:

With start_openerp:

$ bin/runtests --database odoo_magento8 -u magentoerpconnect

With nose:

$ bin/odoo_nosetests -d odoo_magento8 -- --nologcapture --with-coverage --pdb parts/connector-magento/magentoerpconnect/tests

Generating the html documentation


$ bin/sphinxbuilder_connector
$ bin/sphinxbuilder_connector_magento

The documentations will be built in docs/connector and docs/connector_magento.