Make a HTTP request to somewhere in the world everytime an email is sent by Mautic!
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Mautic Email Sent Webhook

Bundle features:

  • Make a HTTP request everytime an email is sent!

Quick Start:

  1. Clone this repo inside your mautic plugins directory
git clone
  1. Clean cache using symfony commands
php app/console cache:clear
  1. Open Mautic Plugins Page and configure:
  • Webhook URL
  • API Key (for validating request at server side)
  • Mautic Base URL for View In Browser URL



What is the Webhook URL parameter?

This is the Web Address (HTTP, HTTPS) that will be called after Mautic sends a new email !

What is the API Key Parameter?

The API Key parameter will be sent along with the HTTP request so that this could be validated at your server. It's just a signature for validating the request if wanted :)

Why do I need to fill in the Mautic Base Url?

This parameter will be used for composing the JSON message, adding a field called "viewUrl". This link contains the web address in which the Mautic Email can be viewed using a Web Browser