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ReasonReact Template & Examples

This is:

  • A template for your new ReasonReact project.
  • A collection of thin examples illustrating ReasonReact usage.
  • Extra helper documentation for ReasonReact (full ReasonReact docs here).

src contains 4 sub-folders, each an independent, self-contained ReasonReact example. Feel free to delete any of them and shape this into your project! This template's more malleable than you might be used to =).

The point of this template and examples is to let you understand and personally tweak the entirely of it. We don't give you an opaque, elaborate mega build setup just to put some boxes on the screen. It strikes to stay transparent, learnable, and simple. You're encouraged to read every file; it's a great feeling, having the full picture of what you're using and being able to touch any part.


npm install
npm run server
# in a new tab
npm start

Open a new web page to http://localhost:8000/. Change any .re file in src to see the page auto-reload. You don't need any bundler when you're developing!

How come we don't need any bundler during development? We highly encourage you to open up index.html to check for yourself!

Features Used

Blinking Greeting Reducer from ReactJS Docs Fetch Dog Pictures Reason Using JS Using Reason
No props
Has props
Children props
No state
Has state
Has state with useReducer
ReasonReact using ReactJS
ReactJS using ReasonReact
Dom attribute

Bundle for Production

We've included a convenience UNUSED_webpack.config.js, in case you want to ship your project to production. You can rename and/or remove that in favor of other bundlers, e.g. Rollup.

We've also provided a barebone indexProduction.html, to serve your bundle.

npm install webpack webpack-cli
# rename file
mv UNUSED_webpack.config.js webpack.config.js
# call webpack to bundle for production
open indexProduction.html

Handle Routing Yourself

To serve the files, this template uses a minimal dependency called moduleserve. A URL such as localhost:8000/scores/john resolves to the file scores/john.html. If you'd like to override this and handle URL resolution yourself, change the server command in package.json from moduleserve ./ --port 8000 to moduleserve ./ --port 8000 --spa (for "single page application"). This will make moduleserve serve the default index.html for any URL. Since index.html loads, you can grab hold of the URL in the corresponding and do whatever you want.

By the way, ReasonReact comes with a small router you might be interested in.

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