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Hi Hackers,

perlbrew is open for anyone who are willing to contribute. Here's what you do to get your work released:

  • Fork the repository on github
  • Modify lib/App/ or bin/perlbrew, if necessary,
  • Add tests so others do not break your feature.
  • Send a pull request to @gugod and make an offer that he cannot reject (optional :-)

Notice that the "master" branch is a stable branch, while the "develop" branch is the target for pull requests. The master branch should only be forwarded on every CPAN release and a there should also be a git tag for that, which is the part only @gugod has to worry about. It is suggested, but not required, that you create your own topic branch first and work on the feature, this way it makes it a little bit easier when there are conflicts.

Last, DO NOT edit the ./perlbrew file directly, it is a standalone executable built with dev-bin/

Happy hacking!

Sincerely, Kang-min Liu, aka @gugod

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