perls/current symlink does not exist #142

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leedo commented Aug 29, 2011

On an older install of perlbrew I have a perls/current symlink that points to the active perlbrew perl. On a newer installation I do not get this symlink, and I can't find any documentation about why.

Is the current symlink not useful anymore? I mainly want this so I can easily use the active perl from cron jobs without updating every job's perl path.


gugod commented Aug 30, 2011

It is removed to make it work better for multiple users. Each user can have their own "current perl"

To solve your issue, please use the new alias command to create a canonical name, you can use current again if you wish. Effectively that also creates symlink and you you can use it in the crontab.

leedo commented Aug 30, 2011

Excellent, sounds like an improvement. Thanks!

leedo closed this Aug 30, 2011

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