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Fresh install complains about 'Use of uninitialized value in split at /loader/0x1e6b690/local/ line 8.' #235

ravenoak opened this Issue · 19 comments

I am not using local::lib and do not plan on doing so at this time. How can I disable this message from coming up on new shells without hacking all of that out of PERLBREW?


It says Use of uninitialized value in split at /loader/0x7fd43a0515b0/local/ line 8 on my install. Any suggestions on how to disable this message?


This looks like it should be fixed in Can you both describe more on how to reproduce this warning message ? Like, dose it happen when you install perlbrew, or does it happen when you run certain command ?


This happens every time I start a new shell and the perlbrew initialization code is sourced by my ${HOME}/.bashrc file.


I got same message. I checked git clone & exec.

$ PERL5OPT="-Mlib=./extlib/lib/perl5" perl -I./lib bin/perlbrew env
Use of uninitialized value in split at extlib/lib/perl5/local/ line 456.
export PERLBREW_VERSION="0.50"
unset PERL5LIB
export PATH="..."
export PERLBREW_LIB=""
export PERLBREW_PATH="/home/riywo/perl5/perlbrew/bin"
export PERLBREW_ROOT="/home/riywo/perl5/perlbrew"

Same here. I just installed using curl, and get:

Use of uninitialized value in split at /loader/0x7ffb418523f8/local/ line 8.

This seems to happen to me as well, but only when perlbrew is switched off. If I switch to a perlbrew perl install, the error goes away.


It seems to occur when $ENV{PERL5LIB} is undefined.
Inside "perlbrew env", local::lib::build_deactivate_environment_vars_for tries to split $ENV{PERL5LIB}, and it warns.

When any perlbrew perl is in use, $ENV{PERL5LIB} is set and no warning occurs.
Otherwise, you can workaround this with below.

if [[ -z "$PERL5LIB" ]]; then export PERL5LIB=""; fi
source ${PERLBREW_ROOT}/etc/bashrc # and no warning

9f15064 fixed one part of this issue.


There is an open pull request to fix this at #236


I too get:

Use of uninitialized value in split at /loader/0x7ffb418523f8/local/ line 8

every time my bashrc is sourced (this on CentOS 6.3 fresh install of perlbrew via curl a couple of hours ago...


I have had the same problem with a fresh install with and it was solved initializing $PERL5LIB in my .bashrc


I'm using 0.54 and still encountering this error:

$ perlbrew switch perl-5.16.1
Use of uninitialized value in split at /loader/0x17428c8/App/ line 34.


Same error here.


I get this error with 0.62, too.

PERL5LIB is set, for what it's worth.

[ntpbeta@ntplax4 ~]$ source /opt/perlbrew/etc/bashrc 
Use of uninitialized value in split at /loader/0x9ef3768/local/ line 8.
[ntpbeta@ntplax4 ~]$ perlbrew env
export PATH="/opt/perlbrew/bin:/opt/perlbrew/perls/perl-5.16.3/bin:/usr/lib/qt-3.3/bin:/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/go/bin:/home/ntpbeta/go/bin:/home/ntpbeta/bin:/home/ntpbeta/ntppool/bin:/home/ntpbeta/ntppool/combust/bin:/home/ntpbeta/ntppool/cpan/bin"
export PERL5LIB="/home/ntpbeta/.perlbrew/libs/perl-5.16.3@ntppool-1/lib/perl5/i686-linux"
export PERLBREW_PATH="/opt/perlbrew/bin"
export PERLBREW_ROOT="/opt/perlbrew"
export PERLBREW_VERSION="0.62"

I think explicitly setting PERL_LOCAL_LIB_ROOT="" in my ~/.perlbrew/init file fixed it.


I have similar problem with fresh install, happens on any invocation of perlbrew as well as the initial sourcing of the perlbrew bashrc, although the exact hex address under /loader/ varies. For example:

$ perlbrew help
Use of uninitialized value in scalar assignment at /loader/0x1ba89870/App/ line 1.
##... followed by expected help text output

Things seem to work but it's disconcerting since I don't know whether something is in fact broken.


For me it happens when I try 'self-upgrade'

$ perlbrew self-upgrade
Use of uninitialized value in scalar assignment at /loader/0x1f00c450/App/ line 1.
Your perlbrew is up-to-date.

I think I can confirm what moortz said in one of the earlier comments. This happens for me with a fresh perlbrew install if I select a version to use:

~/ % perl5/perlbrew/bin/perlbrew use perl-5.18.0        
Use of uninitialized value in split at /loader/0x8018264c8/App/ line 34.

A sub-shell is launched with perl-5.18.0 as the activated perl. Run 'exit' to finish it.


But if I select a brewed_perl-version@mybrewledlocallib as my target brewed environment, then the the message goes away - I guess since the split is not happening in the same way.

~/ % perl5/perlbrew/bin/perlbrew list       
localhost % perl5/perlbrew/bin/perlbrew use perl-5.18.0@mytests

A sub-shell is launched with perl-5.18.0@mytests as the activated perl. Run 'exit' to finish it.


I get the warning and the sub-shell msg when using the switch command; only when I have not previously sourced the perlbrew bashrc.

In other words, if I source the perlbrew bashrc when the shell starts, there is no problem.

The code should probably detect this situation and suggest the easy fix.

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