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g0v .tw 零時政府

Beyond Civic Hacking

@gugod (with 💟 from @clkao, @au, & 1000+ people)

Civic Hacking ?

Civic Hacker

n. One who collaborates with others to create, build, and invent open source solutions using publicly-released data, code and technology to solve challenges relevant to their neighborhood, city, state, or country.


g0v facts

Taiwan-based community

24 Mounths 20+ Hackathons 1000+ Contributors 30% Activists/gov 40% Developers 40% Designers 30+ Projects 30+ Talks

g0v project 中央政府總預算

gov Budget dynamic visualization project-budget.png

g0v project 開放政治獻金:

Crowd OCR of polital donation report. 10k ppl cleared data for 7 MPs within 24hrs project-ocr.png project-ocr-example-page.png

g0v project 國會大代誌

Congress meeting / sitting project-ly.png

g0v project 立委投票指南

Summerize of Congress member votes project-ly-vote.png

g0v project 公務人員出國考察

Summerize of the activity of our civil servents visiting foriegn countries. project-abroadplay.png

g0v project 台灣公司關係圖

Visualizae the relations between big companies project-company-graph.png

g0v project 萌典

Much⁹ Better Dictionary UI for dictionary from Ministry of Education. project-moedict.png

g0v project 環境

Visualize our enviromental mersurement Air, Rain, background radiation. project-env.png

g0v project 全國重度級急診即時看板

Visualize the availability of ER rooms in public hospitals (31 hospitals) project-er.png


Online - but disconnected

By 2011, 75% online Taiwanease are using Facebook.

However, netizens remained pessimistic about the potential of existing social media outlets and portals to spark civic empowerment — or even engagement — online.

Online - but disconnected

WIRED magazine: Do you see Facebook as an instrument to encourage civic engagement?

Chang Ta-Chuen (張大春): No, I can most definitely say, absolutely not. It makes citizens feel as if they have participated. […] I still can’t see how an actual, practical activism can succeed at engaging people, as lazy as we are.


What should the government be like in the 22nd century?

Participate 参加する

粗略的共識 進擊の程式

– @au

Rough concencius, Runnable program.

g0v effect

g0v moto

As not why nobody is doing this, ask youself to be that nobody.


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