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This nginx playbook is configure to work with artifactory.conf by default
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NGINX installer

This installer use ansible to setup Nginx on a Linux environment using Docker 18.03.1


  • install.yml

Install Nginx on the machine

Install from an Nginx release

For each install do:

  • Generate an ssh key ssh-keygen
  • copy the private key to the remote server ssh-copy-id -i ssh/id_rsa <your user>@<hostname.domainename>

for example: ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa admin_devops@localhost

  • Edit the file artifactory/group_vars/all.yml of this project

    • Change the allspark_root_domain to use your domain name (each component will be exposed as a subdomain).
    • Change the allspark_hostname to use your hostname
  • ansible-playbook -i hosts install.yml

HowTo use a different config or add additionnal config

Work in progress


Components Usage
Nginx High Performance Load Balancer, Web Server, & Reverse Proxy

OS Compatibility

Nginx is compatible with:

  • CentOS 7 or above
  • RedHat 7 or above
  • Fedora Server/Atomic 28 or above
  • Ubuntu 14.04 or above
  • Debian 8 or above


  • Linux using Docker 18.03.1
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