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A .NET client wrapper for both .NET Core & .NET Framework projects of Via CEP API

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Download the latest zip file from the Release page.

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The package has two classes:

This package is fully compatible with Dependency Injection. Use the interface IViaCepClient and the constructor with HttpClient parameter with a IHttpClientFactory instance.

//your DI container
services.AddHttpClient<IViaCepClient, ViaCepClient>(client => { client.BaseAddress = new Uri(""); });

//then use in your domain service, handler, controller...
var viaCepClient = container.GetService<IViaCepClient>();
var result = await viaCepClient.SearchAsync("01001000", cancellationToken);

You can search using the zip code/postal code (AKA CEP) or using the address data (state initials - UF, city name and location name - street, avenue, park, square). Both methods support async and sync!

Querying by zip code / postal code (single result)

var result = new ViaCepClient().Search("01001000"); //searches for the postal code 01001-000
var address = result.Address; //Praça da Sé
var city = reuslt.City; //São Paulo
//do what you need with 'result' instance of ViaCEPResult.

Querying by address (list result)

var results = new ViaCepClient().Search("SP", "São Paulo", "Avenida Paulista"); //search for the Avenida Paulista in São Paulo / SP
foreach(var result in results){
    var address = result.Address;
    var neighborhood = result.Neighborhood;
    var zipCode = result.ZipCode;
    //do what you need with 'result' instance of ViaCEPResult.


  • 2020-10-23 - Version 3.1:
    • Add support to .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Framework v4.6.1 and above - @guibranco