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Mini Database built from scratch using BerkeleyDB as persistent storage engine
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Main project for the Database systems graduate class for UT Austin for Fall 2008. Programming project by Swati Pendyala and Guillermo Cabrera.

  • Contents:

    • mdb Folder containing the java source files

    • scripts Folder containing the 1k.ddl and 10k.ddl test files we used

    • p4_cabrera_pendyala.jar Executable jar file for the project

    • p4_cabrera_pendyala_Doc.pdf Documentation for project 4

  • Executing project:

    In order to execute project you can follow these steps:

    1. Open command prompt
    2. Navigate to directory where "p4_cabrera_pendyala.jar" is located
    3. Issue the command: java -jar p4_cabrera_pendyala.jar

    This should open the MDB parser and should be able to insert queries

  • Running a script:

    1. Open Environment as "open "C:/test" (where test is a directory)
    2. Run Script as "script "C:/script.ddl"

    NOTE: After you run a script you will not be able to issue further commands. You will need to open a new environment to get into INTERACTIVE mode.

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