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Nerdsuite is an IDE (based on eclipse 4.10/2018-12) to develop for old 8Bit machines (C64, Atari 800XL etc.)
Once finished, it will contain a SourceCode Editor (Assmbler/Basic), Visual Disassembler, TileEditor (for CharSets, Sprites, Screens and Bitmaps)
Currently I work mostly on the graphics part.

System OS Works Performance Java Version
Windows (4 GHz i7 / 32GB) Windows 10 yes excellent 1.8.0_191
Windows (4 GHz i7 / 32GB) Windows 8.1 yes excellent 1.8.0_191
Windows (2.4 GHz i5 / 16GB) Windows 7 yes good 1.8.0_191
Linux (2.5 GHz i5 / 6GB) Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon yes ok 1.8.0_191
Mac (2 GHz Core2Duo / 8GB) MacOS 10.11.6 El Capitan yes very slow 1.8.0_25

Current state: Still buggy and incomplete :-)

Last Changes: Load/Save your work (json format)

Gfx Module Todo:

  • Performance tuning
  • Range selection for bulk modifications & animation
  • Layer Preview/Selector
  • Color selection widget
  • Charscreen reference charset selector
  • Layer content compression
  • Tile drag movement
  • Layer drag movement
  • Binary Import
  • Export to BIN/BAS/ASM/PNG/GIF
  • Code cleanup

Handle DiskImages: Export files partly works Create/Update disk images

New Graphic Project Dialog


Sprite Editor


CharSet Double Height


Popup menu




Simple BitmapViewer

Image by Almighty God screenshot11

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