Viewer for ArchiMate based on the Open Group Exchange Format
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ArchiMate Viewer

Viewer for Archimate models based on the Open Group ArchiMate Exchange Format version 2.1. If you want to know more about the exchange format go to If you would like to try out the viewer online go to

The viewer uses:

  • SVG for the diagram rendering
  • jQuery 1.12.4 and Bootstrap 3.3.6 for the website layout and dynamics
  • d3 3.5.17 and d3plus 1.9.5 for wordwrap of the SVG text elements
  • Saxon9HE as the XSLT processor

The project uses XSLT to create the model website:

  • archimatetool.xsl transform an Archi File ( in native format into an Open Group ArchiMate Exchange Format file.
  • preindex.xsl creates the index page of the model website with the header and navigation.
  • prebrowsepages.xsl creates a page for each element or view in the model
  • preprocess.xsl transforms the preindex.xsl and prebrowsepages.xsl into index.xsl and browsepages.xsl by including an optional customization xslt file
  • default.xsl is the default customization xslt file And has some javascript and stylesheet specific for the index and browse pages:
  • index.js
  • browse.js
  • model.css All the javascript and css are loaded dynamically.

Use publisharchimatetool.cmd ( for Linux/MacOSX) [modelfilename.archimate] [sitename] [configfile] to create the model website. It will create the Open Group ArchiMate Exchange Format in output/open-exchange and the site in output/site/[sitename]

Use publishopengroup.cmd (or .sh for Linux/MacOSX) [modelfilename.xml] [sitename] [configfile] to create the model website. The site will be created in output/site/[sitename].

Far from finished but a good start. I Have to learn GitHub at the same time.