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X-Wing Data 2

An easy-to-use collection of all data from X-Wing: The Miniatures Game (Second Edition) by Fantasy Flight Games.

If you're looking for data and images of X-Wing First Edition, you can find that here: xwing-data.

XWS ids

Every ship, pilot, upgrade, etc. has a xws field that contains an unique id. These ids are used in the X-Wing Squadron Specification (or XWS).

New XWS ids are generated using the following steps:

  1. Take the English-language name as printed on the card
  2. Lowercase the name
  3. Convert non-ASCII characters to closest ASCII equivalent (to remove umlauts, etc.)
  4. Remove non-alphanumeric characters
  5. Check for collisions, and add expansion suffixes until there is no more collision

Expansion suffixes per type: Pilots: pilotname-shipname-factionname-productsku Upgrades: upgradename-slotname-productsku Conditions: conditionname-productsku

XWS ids have to be unique per type (pilot/upgrade/condition/etc) and do not collide with ids of other types. So there can be a hansolo pilot and a hansolo upgrade, but there cannot be two upgrades with the hansolo xws id (regardless of the slot of those upgrades). One of those cards would get the -slotname suffix (for example: hansolo-gunner).


There are a few scripts that make it easier to work on the data.

You can run these scripts using npm or yarn. For example:

  • npm run hyperspace
  • yarn run hyperspace

Scripts to update data

Script Description
yarn run hyperspace Syncs the hyperspace status of all cards with the FFG squadbuilder
yarn run ffgscrape Syncs all data with the FFG squadbuilder (and alerts on missing cards)
yarn run ffg2xws Generates the data/ffg-xws.json file

Scripts to work with the repository

Script Description
yarn run format Format all .json files in the data folder using Prettier
yarn run changelog A...B Generate a changelog between commits A and B, to be used in the release description on GitHub.
Example usage: yarn run changelog 1.24.0...1.25.0
yarn run validate:json Validate that all .json files contain valid JSON
yarn run validate:tests Run all unit tests
yarn run validate:tests:watch Run all unit tests in watch mode

Creating a release

Go through these steps to create a new release:

  1. Make sure to run yarn run ffg2xws to verify that data/ffg-xws.json has been updated
  2. Bump the version number in package.json and data/manifest.json according to the Versioning rules listed below
  3. Push the package.json and data/manifest.json changes to GitHub and/or merge them to the master branch
  4. Create a new release on GitHub and use the following:
    • Tag version: The tag you just created
    • Target: master branch
    • Release title: The version number
    • Describe this release: The output of the yarn run changelog PREVIOUS_VERSION...HEAD command (replace PREVIOUS_VERSION with the latest available tag)
  5. All done! 🎉


This project uses SemVer. Given a MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH version number, we will increment the:

  • MAJOR version when existing content is changed in such a way that it can break consumers of the data
  • MINOR version when new content is added in a backwards-compatible manner, or existing content is changed in a backwards-compatible manner
  • PATCH version when fixing mistakes in existing content


See the Releases tab in Github.



Star Wars, X-Wing: The Miniatures Game and all related properties, images and text are owned by Fantasy Flight Games, Lucasfilm Ltd., and/or Disney.


An easy-to-use collection of data and images from X-Wing: The Miniatures Game (Second Edition) by Fantasy Flight Games.




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