Conversation node

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Start a chat bot conversation, for example to initiate a conversation (sending a message) to a user in response of a Node Red event, chain this node to a Message node (or Image, Location, etc)

The chatId is needed to initiate the conversation (you can grab the chatId from the logs or a debug node), the chatId is unique per user across the different platforms.

The parameters chatId and transport can be passed through the payload by the upstream node:

msg.payload = {
  chatId: '42',
  transport: 'telegram'
return msg;

In order to edit an already sent message (only Telegram), specify the messageId or use the context messageId which is the id of the last sent message. To set the messageId programmatically in the upstream node

msg.payload = {
  messageId: 123456
return msg;


Available parameters for the msg.payload

Name Type Description
chatId string The chatId the message will be delivered to
transport string Which kind of transport: telegram, facebook, slack, smooch, viber, universal
messageId string The message id to modify, leave blank for a new message
contextMessageId boolean If the message id is to be taken from the chat context (means the last sent message will be modified)

Telegram Facebook Slack Smooch Viber

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