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This code allows you to read and extract images from the dataset recorded from the Sony LettuceThink robot (EU H2020 ROMI project)
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Cam_sim can be used to simulate visuo-motor trajectories on a dataset recorded from the Sony LettuceThink micro-farming platform (
The dataset can be downloaded from the following Zenodo repository:

After cloning this github repository, create a folder within it called raw_images and extract the jpeg files contained in the zenodo zip archive (under the folder rgb_rectified).
Then run:

to generate a pkl archive.
Finally, you can use cam_sim to generate simulated trajectories over the visuomotor dataset. 

See for an simple test on how to generate trajectories

Dataset reference:
Guido Schillaci, & Antonio Pico Villalpando. (2020). Visuo-motor dataset recorded from a micro-farming robot (Version 0.1) [Data set]. Zenodo.

This work has received funding from the EU-H2020 project ROMI (Robotics for Micro-Farms) and from the EU-H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Predictive Robots project.
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