Theme-switching for Emacs based on daytime
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Theme-switching for Emacs based on daytime


Circadian tries to help reducing eye strain that may arise from difference of your display brightness and the surrounding light.

Inspired by color temperature shifting tools and brightness adaption software like:

Example usage

Switching themes on time of day

Example usage featuring hemera-themes and nyx-theme (with use-package). Make sure to use :defer keyword. Omitting it may lead to broken colors (see issue 9):

;; Install additinal themes from melpa
;; make sure to use :defer keyword
(use-package hemera-theme :ensure :defer)
(use-package nyx-theme :ensure :defer)

(use-package circadian
  :ensure t
  (setq circadian-themes '(("8:00" . hemera)
                           ("19:30" . nyx)))
Switching themes on sunrise & sunset

Be sure to set your latitude and longitude (Get them e.g. at

;; Install additinal themes from melpa
;; make sure to use :defer keyword
(use-package apropospriate-theme :ensure :defer)
(use-package nord-theme :ensure :defer)

(use-package circadian
  :ensure t
  (setq calendar-latitude 49.0)
  (setq calendar-longitude 8.5)
  (setq circadian-themes '((:sunrise . apropospriate-light)
                           (:sunset  . nord)))


circadian provides two hooks:

  • circadian-before-load-theme-hook
  • circadian-after-load-theme-hook

e.g. I like to override any themes cursor color to a very bright color via:

(add-hook 'circadian-after-load-theme-hook
          #'(lambda (theme)
              ;; Line numbers appearance
              (setq linum-format 'linum-format-func)
              ;; Cursor
              (set-default 'cursor-type 'box)
              (set-cursor-color "#F52503")))

Todos & Ideas


Install Emacs cask environment. On macOS you canr use homebrew with: brew install cask.

  1. Clone the circadian.el repository: git clone
  2. cd into the git project directory with cd circadian.el and install dependencies via cask
  3. Run test with ert-runner: cask exec ert-runner