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CF Targets Plugin

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This plugin facilitates the use of multiple api targets with the Cloud Foundry CLI.

It originated from the need for a Go play project, and the realization that I was frequently switching back and forth between development and various test environments, using tricks like

CF_HOME=~/cf-development cf push my-app
CF_HOME=~/cf-production cf push my-app

This plugin makes switching a lot less painful by allowing you to save your currently configured target using a name, then switching back to it by name at any point.


Configure and save any number of named targets

$ cf api <development-target-url>
$ cf login
$ cf save-target development

Followed by

$ cf api <production-target-url>
$ cf login
$ cf save-target production

After saving targets, easily switch back and forth between them using:

$ cf set-target development
$ cf target
API Endpoint:   <development-target-url>
$ cf set-target production
$ cf target
API Endpoint:   <production-target-url>

View saved targets using

$ cf targets
production (current)


Install from CLI
$ cf add-plugin-repo CF-Community
$ cf install-plugin Targets -r CF-Community
Install from Source (need to have Go installed)
$ go get
$ go get
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ go build
$ cf install-plugin cf-targets-plugin

Full Command List

command usage description
targets cf targets list all saved targets
save-target cf save-target [-f] [<name>] save the current target for later use
set-target cf set-target [-f] <name> restore a previously saved target
delete-target cf delete-target <name> delete a previously saved target