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Guigo Lab

Computational Biology of RNA Processing


  1. ggsashimi ggsashimi Public

    Command-line tool for the visualization of splicing events across multiple samples

    Python 115 43

  2. grape-nf grape-nf Public

    An automated RNA-seq pipeline using Nextflow

    Nextflow 35 10

  3. geneid geneid Public

    Predict genic elements as splice sites, exons or genes, along eukaryotic DNA sequences

    C 14 6

  4. FA-nf FA-nf Public

    Functional annotation pipeline for proteins from non-model organisms implemented in Nextflow

    Perl 17 5

  5. sqtlseeker2-nf sqtlseeker2-nf Public

    An automated sQTL mapping pipeline using Nextflow

    R 5 3

  6. biogenome-portal biogenome-portal Public

    Biogenome data portal

    Vue 6 2


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