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Automatic email unsubscribe script
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Automatic email unsubscribe script

This script scan your imap server DIR, and for each unread message try to self unsubscribe, or open an external browser if it failed and you wants (ext_limit)

##Usage :

./ --user user --server server [--password password] [--port 993] [--nossl] [--uid] [--ext_limit 10] [--dir INBOX]

example : ./ --user imapusermane --server --ext_limit=20 --dir PUB


--user is your imap user name

--server is the imap server name


--dir folder to search for unread mail

--ext_limit=xx xx the maximum number of complex unsubscribe web page to open in your browser (set to 0 do disable)

--password : password

--port 993 : server port number



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