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What's This?

Sandboxeddecodebin provides a way to run the demuxing and decoding part of a GStreamer pipeline in a separate sandboxed process.

More information about it can be found in a blog post:

Installation Instructions


  • GNU/Linux Operating system
  • setuid-sandbox
  • GStreamer 0.10 with the plugins from at least base and bad as well as the demuxers and decoders needed by decodebin2 for the videos you want to decode
To avoid some bugs, you might need to apply the patches in the following bugs:


  • install the prerequisites, make sure sandboxme is setuid root
  • ./ SANDBOXME_PATH=/path/to/sandboxme
  • make
  • make install

Usual ./configure options can also apply to ./, you can run autogen and then "configure --help" to see these options.

Example use

gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location=/path/to/video_file ! sandboxeddecodebin name=decoder ! autovideosink decoder. ! autoaudiosink