Toolkit to streamline TensorFlow™ and Keras deep learning.
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Guild AI

CircleCI PyPI version

This is the source repository for Guild AI.

Guild AI is a Python application that that streamlines TensorFlow and Keras deep learning development. It's released under the Apache 2 open source license.


  • Automatically track training experiments
  • Compare model performance at-a-glance
  • Visualize training results with TensorBoard
  • Seamless integration with Keras models
  • Model packaging and distribution
  • Train, deploy, and predict on Cloud Machine Learning Engine (Cloud ML)

Quick start

Follow the steps below to install Guild AI, train a simple model, and view the generated training run. For detailed installation instructions, see Installing Guild AI.

Omit the '$' character when executing a command.

Step 1. Install Guild AI using pip

$ pip install guildai --upgrade

Step 2. Initialize the Guild AI environment

$ guild init

Step 3. Install a model package

$ guild install mnist

Step 4. Train a model

$ guild train softmax

Step 5. View the training run

$ guild view

Learning more

To continue exploring Guild AI features, see Go deeper with Guid AI.

Refer to for complete coverage of Guild AI.

If you have questions or are facing problems, please open an issue at