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Adding RPG to your server has never been more fun and action-packed!
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What is Guilds?

The Guilds Project was created to offer a RPG type system to servers. It was inspired by players like you who enjoy creating a fun and exciting environment for your server. Guilds allows players to join interactive groups of other players, forge their own communities on your server, and compete with other guilds for dominance and control.

For more information, you can check out the wiki!
Looking for the javadocs? You can see them here!


Looking to get support for something? Join the Discord above to get help and discuss with others!


Do you want to help the project grow and achieve new goals? You can help us out in many ways!

If you'd like to support our work and buy us a coffee, you could join our Patreon! We totally understand if you can't do that so we have others ways you can help us out too:

  • Are you an active user of the plugin and want to help others with it? Check out the issues page to see if anyone has questions. You could also hop in our Discord and help others out there too!
  • Are you a person who speaks more than one language? Check out our translations page here and see if you can help with your language!
  • Are you a person who also likes to program? If so, you could look through the open issues and see if there's anything you'd ike to PR into the project.
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