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Fully Customizeable Roles

A big part of how this plugin works is the roles that are in each guild. You are essentially given unlimited flexibility and specialization over your server. You can customize the name of every role, their permission nodes, and what privileges they will have. You choose what you want to do, to give your users the best experience they can have on your server!

Guild Tiers

You can think of tiers just like you can a level. In any MMORPG games, you have levels, whether it be a skill, or your character's level. Just like that, we have the same thing here with Guilds! Each Guild starts off on the first level/tier. Players can work together in their Guild to raise money in order to be able to upgrade it. You have full control over what perks a tier gets. You can give them more Mob EXP, Mob Damage, Permissions, and so much more! Tiers are a great incentive for players to continue to work hard on your server and unlock all the perks they can!

Guild Claims

The claiming system in Guilds utilizes WorldGuard. It's 100% optional. You can have users claim their own land, a single cuboid region, and choose which roles in the Guild can perform different actions such as: opening chests, placing blocks, and breaking blocks! There's so much to do with this, all you have to do is customize it to your heart's desire.

Don't want to use our built-in claims? That's okay! The plugin is designed to be able to work with most popular claiming plugins that are out there.

Guild Banks

The banking system in Guilds is just like any other kind of bank you would think of. Each Guild has their own bank and they can all contribute to it along with take money out of it. Using the Guild Roles, you can specify which roles can deposit money and which roles can take money out! Money can be used on things such as leveling up the Guild's tier and buying buffs!

Guild Vaults

This feature was one that took a lot of time to create. Think of this like PlayerVaults, but for Guilds. Each Guild has multiple vaults (inventories) that they can store items in. Utilizing Guild Roles, you can specify who can modify the vaults! One thing that's cool is that you don't just have one vault, you can have as many as you want! You can utilize the tier system to decide how many vaults each tier should have!

Guild Buffs

You can think of buffs as Guild-wide potions. A member of a Guild can activate a buff for all guild members that are online and give them short-term perks such as a running speed boost, or health regeneration. You have full control over how the buffs work via the config. The entire GUI layout, the price, and the time, are all customizable. You can even make buffs execute commands! This feature is sure to be a great incentive for your players to strive to work as a team in order to be stronger!

Guild Chat

Communication is important when it comes to teamwork. This is why the chat system was implemented. This allows players in a Guild to have a private chat with each other to talk about things such as what needs to be done, strategies to become the strongest guild, and so many other things!

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