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Concept project of asynchronous syntactic sugar

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Nodejs with slippers, confortable like wearing slippers, but INFORMAL, JUST FOR FUN.

Slippers is inspired by streamlinejs and Jscex. If you really need this feature, please try streamlinejs or Jscex

You just need end with a //{ on the async call, you can got the magic.

edit test.js

var err, data = fs.readFile(filename, 'utf-8');//{

run slippers test.js

fs.readFile(filename, 'utf-8', function(err, data ){

You can use //} for manually end up the async block if you want.

See demo.js for more information.

Map line-num for debug?

No need, the compiled js keep the same line number with source.


  1. It is not a really compiler, so you must pay attention to code style.

    • {} must be pairs, even in block comments.
    • close block in a single line without expression. e.g.;} is wrong
    • close ONE block in ONE line, e.g. });}); is wrong , }} is wrong.
  2. You should not use slippers in project, the syntax are not stable yet, it's just a experiment for now.

  3. It's welcome to let me know your idea on issue pages.
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