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Migrate a Git repository to SVN preserving history (yes, you read it right)
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This is a script to migrate a Git repository to SVN preserving the commits history. This is not something that people will use a lot, but in case you need to do something like this (like I did – don’t ask me why), you might want to use this script.

If you don’t need to preserve your history, there’s a good guide on Google Code explaining how to migrate in a simpler way.


1) Clone your Git repository and checkout your SVN repository:

$ git clone git:// git_repo
$ svn checkout svn_repo

2) Configure variables (GIT_DIR and SVN_DIR) with locations of both repositories.

3) Run the script from anywhere except one of these two directories.


If you want to see an example migration, check the following repositories:


Be careful

This script will delete all the files from your SVN repository when the migration of the first commit happens, and will create new revisions based on the commits from the Git repository.

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