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# Makefile for simple-db-migrate
@echo "Please use 'make <target>' where <target> is one of"
@echo " clean to clean garbage left by builds and installation"
@echo " compile to compile .py files (just to check for syntax errors)"
@echo " test to execute all simple-db-migrate tests"
@echo " install to install simple-db-migrate"
@echo " build to build without installing simple-db-migrate"
@echo " dist to create egg for distribution"
@echo " publish to publish the package to PyPI"
@echo "Cleaning..."
@rm -rf build dist simple_db_migrate.egg-info *.pyc **/*.pyc *~ *.migration *.foo
@#removing test temp files
@rm -rf `date +%Y`*
compile: clean
@echo "Compiling source code..."
@rm -rf simple_db_migrate/*.pyc
@rm -rf tests/*.pyc
@python -tt -m compileall simple_db_migrate
@python -tt -m compileall tests
test: compile
@make clean
@echo "Starting tests..."
@nosetests -s --verbose --with-coverage --cover-erase --cover-package=simple_db_migrate --cover-inclusive --cover-html tests
@make clean
@/usr/bin/env python ./ install
@/usr/bin/env python ./ build
dist: clean
@python sdist
publish: dist
@python sdist upload