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@guilhermechapiewski authored
7 README.textile
@@ -16,6 +16,9 @@ h2. How it works
*titanium-jasmine* puts together "Jasmine": and "Titanium Mobile":, so you can write Jasmine tests that will run inside your iPhone, iPad and Android applications. *titanium-jasmine* is a *really* simple testing framework that will help you test your "Titanium Mobile": applications properly.
+_* Screenshot: titanium-jasmine test results on the iPhone._
h2. How to start the project
Download the source code, go to the project root and type:
@@ -55,3 +58,7 @@ Here are some details about some key files and directories:
* "SampleApp/Resources/test/tests.js": contains the test startup code. You will have to add code to include all your test scripts in this file.
* "SampleApp/Resources/test/test_main.js": is a sample file that contains the actual tests. You can (should) create as many files as you want, just remind to import all the modules on *tests.js*.
+h2. More info
+If you want more info about "how to use Makefiles in your Titanium Mobile": projects, please take a look at "my blog post": about it.
2  SampleApp/Resources/test/lib/jasmine-titanium.js
@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@
- Ti.API.debug(JSON.stringify(spec.results()));
+ //Ti.API.debug(JSON.stringify(spec.results()));
reportSpecStarting: function(spec) {
BIN  etc/titanium-jasmine_iphone.png
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