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*titanium-jasmine* puts together "Jasmine": and "Titanium Mobile":, so you can write Jasmine tests that will run inside your iPhone, iPad and Android applications. *titanium-jasmine* is a *really* simple testing framework that will help you test your "Titanium Mobile": applications properly.
+Instead of trying to mock all *Titanium.** objects and functions, *titanium-jasmine* will run the tests on your simulator so you can keep using Titanium includes and helper functions on your code, thus making testing much easier.
-_* "Screenshot": titanium-jasmine test results on the iPhone._
+_* "Screenshot": titanium-jasmine test results on the iPhone._
+h2. Features
+*titanium-jasmine* supports all Jasmine features from "suites, specs": and "matchers": to "asynchronous testing":, "spying/mocking/faking": and "before/after functions":
h2. How to start the project

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