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Nano DPoW Client

These steps will guide you on how to setup a new work client. The nano-work-server provided is based on nanocurrency/nano-work-server. Only this work server is fully supported.



  1. Python 3.6.7 or higher.


  • Download the latest version and extract.
  • Open a console under nano-dpow-client. On Windows, shift + right-click and "Open Powershell window here".
  • pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt


You need to find out what your GPU vendor/device numbers are if you're going to be using a GPU. Usually it will be either 0:0, 0:1, or 1:0, depending on how many you have (including integrated graphics).


  1. Install required library
sudo apt install ocl-icd-libopencl1
  1. Check ./bin/linux/nano-work-server --help for information on how to select your GPU (or CPU).
  2. Run the work server:
./bin/linux/nano-work-server --gpu 0:0 -l
  1. Check the client configuration options with python3 --help
  2. Run the client:
python3 --payout YOUR_NANO_ADDRESS --work {ondemand,precache,any}


  1. Edit the file run_windows.bat with your desired configuration (including the work-server GPU config).
  2. Double-click the same file, which should eventually open two terminals. You must leave them running in the foreground. You can minimize but not close them (sorry!).
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