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<div class="my-4">
<form @submit.prevent="$emit('submit')">
<form-error :error="error" />
<div class="p-3 mb-4 appearance-none bg-white rounded-lg flex flex-col shadow">
<input ref="task" v-model="form.title" v-focus class="w-full mb-2 pt-1 pb-2 px-2 focus:outline-none font-semibold border-b" placeholder="What needs to be done?" @keyup.esc="cancel">
<div class="flex items-center text-xs">
<fa :icon="['far', 'clock']" class="mr-1 text-grey-dark" />
<datetime v-model="form.due_at" type="datetime" placeholder="Due at" :minute-step="5" input-class="text-grey-dark" />
<span v-if="form.due_at" class="flex-none rounded-full bg-grey hover:bg-red h-6 w-6 cursor-pointer flex items-center justify-center shadow" @click="clearDueAt">
<fa icon="times" class="text-white" />
<slot />
import 'vue-datetime/dist/vue-datetime.css'
export default {
props: {
form: {
type: null,
required: true
error: {
type: Object,
default: null
methods: {
clearDueAt () {
this.form.due_at = null
cancel () {