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A list of libraries for C/C++, inspired by the stb libraries.

  • noc_mustache: mustache template in plain C.
  • noc_turtle: procedural graphics generation in plain C.
  • noc_vec: 2d, 3d and 4d vectors, 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 matrices, quaternions.
  • noc_file_dialog: multiplatform native open and save dialogs.
  • noc_packer: compress table data.

To compile the demo, type 'make'. You need to have OpenGL, GLFW, and GLEW.


A Very crude single file implementation of the mustache template language. I originally wrote it for the povray export of goxel.


Allows to create procedural graphics using a syntax close to the one of Context Free, but directly in C code. This is the code I used in my video game Blowfish Rescue.

To use the code, put noc_turtle.h and noc_turtle.c in your project file. See noc_turtle.h for some documentation about the usage.


Simple single file linear alebra library that includes vector, matrix and quaternion. See tests/vec.cpp and noc_vec.h for usage.


Single file library to create native open and save file dialogs on multiple platforms.


Does noc_turtle support all the features of Context Free?

Probably not. I am not familiar enough with Context Free to tell. I tried my best to keep the syntax as close as possible. Since noc_turtle is not interpreted but directly compiled by the C or C++ compiler, I had to change the syntax to be compatible with C. Where in Context Free you would write this:

shape blah {
    SQUARE [s 10 y 5]

In noc_turtle you write:

void blah(noctt_turtle_t *turtle) {
    SQUARE(S, 10, Y, 5);

So it is a bit more verbose, I am afraid there is no way around it.

Also some of the adjustment functions have different names (for example A instead of alpha).

What is the licence?

All the code is released under permissive free MIT licence. This means it's OK to use the code in your commercial project.

Why not making a single file library like stb?

I might do that at some point. For the moment I keep the header and code separated into two files.

Why is the code of noc_turtle full of macros?

This is because the code is using a C trick to make state machine look like linear code. For a good introduction to this, you can check this article from Simon Tatham:

Does it work under Windows?

I cannot guaranty that. I usually work on a unix environment. The library was originally created for a video game targeting only Android and iOS.


A potpourri of various code I want to release online



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