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Automatically generate a curriculum vitae using the information from your ImpactStory profile
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ImpactStory curriculum

Web version available here:


The aim of the porject is to automaticlly generate a curriculum using LaTeX and the information contained on an ImpactStory profile (altmetrics).

Web version

The web version is composed of 3 php scripts to convert the ImpactStory profile to one of these formats:

  • BibTex
  • PDF
  • Markdown
  • HTML

Web version available here:

LaTeX version

for the LaTeX afficionados.

So far, there are three main files to generate the curriculum:

  • Perl
  • LaTeX
    • friggeri-cv.cls
    • curriculum.tex

To generate the curriculum, run the Perl file, then run the LaTeX one.

Perl script

To run the Perl file, you need to installt he following packages:

  • JSON qw( decode_json )
  • IO::All
  • Try::Tiny
  • XML::Simple

To install them, run in the terminal:

cpan JSON qw( decode_json )
cpan IO::All
cpan Try::Tiny
cpan XML::Simple

Before running the Perl file, do not forget to edit you profile link (line 17).

The Perl script create a bib file (impactbib.bib), used by LaTeX to generate the CV.

LaTeX script

The LaTeX script is based on the CV template from Adrien Friggeri (,

You need to used XeLaTeX and biber to make it run smoothly.


This is only the second time I use Perl. So the code is certainly unefficient, badly written and full of mistakes. But it works. So feel free to improve it!

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