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UPGRADE FROM 1.x to 2.0


  • default namespace is now data-parsley- for DOM-API (not anymore 1.2.x parsley- or 1.1.x data-)
  • there is only one global ParsleyValidator instance. Adding / removing validators is not made on ParsleyForm or ParsleyField instances anymore, but directly against ParsleyValidator. Same goes for errors messages.

Options / Configuration

  • options is now a flat 1 dim depth object.
  • These options have been removed:
    • listeners
    • validators
    • useHtml5Constraints
    • messages
    • validateIfUnchanged
  • These options have been renamed:
    • validationMinlength into validationTreshold
    • errors.classHandler into classHandler
    • errors.container into errorsContainer
    • errors.errorsWrapper into errorsWrapper
    • errors.errorEleme into errorTemplate


  • required validator now accepts false value and becomes inactive.
  • rangelength validator is now renamed as length. Same requirements.
  • rangecheck validator is now renamed as check. Same requirements.
  • notnull, type="urlstrict", type="tel" have disappeared from built-in validators.
  • types phone, urlstrict, dateIso have been removed. They could be crafted and submitted by someone in extra/


  • .parsley-validated class is not added anymore on bound fields
  • novalidate attr is now automatically added to <form>
  • .parsley-error-list is now .parsley-errors-list
  • to customize type validator error message, you do not need to add the precise type anymore. eg: parsley-type-email-message="msg" becomes data-parsley-type-message="msg"


  • .parsley('method') API is deprecated. Use .parsley().method() now eg: $('#form').parsley('validate') is now $('#form').parsley().validate()


  • can now be global with $.listen() and listen for every Parsley instance firing it (the way ParsleyUI works)
  • can be Field / Form specific by using .subscribe() and .unsubscribe() on a Parsley instance.


  • parsley remote validator is shipped now in parsley.remote.js
  • parsley.extend is no more. Instead, extra validators are now placed in a dir and can be built with a script into a single file.
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