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parsley-remote can cause remote message to not display due to animation if previous remote call was valid and another validation has not finished animating #449

mckinnsb opened this Issue Dec 2, 2013 · 6 comments

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mckinnsb commented Dec 2, 2013

Hi, see the following related tickets:




When using remote validation, the remote validation message may fail/not appear if message animation is turned on, particularly during a "remote valid" ->"remote invalid" transition where there is another validation which has yet to finish animating its fade out.

Essentially what happens is the remote error message is added to the error list container as it is being faded out. The message is then removed with the container,
while the error class remains ( the input will be correctly marked red and the form will not be able to submit ).

If you override the defaults to set animation to false, behavior is as-expected (works).

As an example of what might show this error, consider an email field which must be a correct email, present, and is validated remotely. Lets say "" already exists. "user@user.c" will be invalid, and the email error message will begin to trigger, or remain displayed. "" will be valid in our example, but "" is not ( already exists ) - and when the "m" is entered, the transition from the email validation is still occurring, so the remote message is added in the error container that contains the now-fading email validation error message.

See and for some relevant code.

Not able to work on a fix now, just wanted to post this while I had the chance.

pehlert commented Jan 30, 2014

I can confirm this behaviour and will try to start working on a fix soon. Thanks for posting this, it took me a while to debug as well.


I can confirm this behaviour as well. A fix would be great!

lexx27 commented Feb 19, 2014



Fixed on 2.0 version with parsley.remote.js

pehlert commented Feb 27, 2014

Brilliant work, thank you!

lexx27 commented Feb 27, 2014

thanks :dancer:

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