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+h1. Introduction
+This software is a connector between Shotwell (, an open source photo manager for Gnome, and Piwigo (, a photo gallery software for the web. It allows users of Shotwell to publish their photos into their piwigo installation.
+h1. Integration and installation in the shotwell code
+# Download and compile the shotwell code from "the source":
+# Checkout the two files of this repository: <code>piwigo.patch</code> and <code>src/PiwigoConnector.vala</code>
+# Apply the patch (please note that the patch is based on revision 2331 of the shotwell code): <code>patch -p0 < piwigo.patch</code>
+# Copy the <code>PiwigoConnector.vala</code> file to the src directory of the shotwell code
+# Recompile the shotwell code using make
+h1. Requirements
+* You need to have the <code>pwg.images.addSimple<code> ("link": plugin installed in your Piwigo
+* You need to have the <code>post_max_size</code> and <code>upload_max_filesize</code> directives in your PHP configuration high enough to upload your photos, otherwise the photo will not be uploaded
+h1. Known bugs / limitations
+* Does not send photo tags, author, description to the service

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