A NodeJS module to control a Karotz with OpenKarotz
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OpenKarotz NodeJS module

A NodeJS Module to control a Karotz which run on openkarotz. It's simply an api wrapper.


npm install openkarotz
var openkarotz = require('openkarotz');

var karotz = new openkarotz('');

karotz.ears(5, 5, function(error, msg) {
    console.log(error); //false
    console.log(msg); //return json from the api



  • internalStorage(callback);
  • status(callback);
  • get_version(callback);


  • led(mainColor, secondColor, pulse, memory, period, callback)
  • fixedLed(color, callback)
  • pulsedLed(color, period, callback)
  • fade(colorStart, colorEnd, time, callback);


  • ears_mode(disabled, callback)
  • ears(left, right, callback)
  • ears_reset(callback)
  • ears_random(callback)


  • rfid_start_record(callback)
  • rfid_stop_record(callback)
  • rfid_list(callback)
  • rfid_list_ext(callback)
  • rfid_info(tag, callback)
  • rfid_delete(tag, callback)
  • rfid_unassign(tag, callback)
  • rfid_assign_eedomus_macro(tag, ip, macro, api_user, api_password, name, callback)
  • rfid_test_vera_scene(tag, ip, scene, name, callback)
  • rfid_assign_zibase_cmd(tag, ip, cmd, name, callback)
  • rfid_assign_url(tag, url, name, user, password, callback)


  • display_cache(callback)
  • clear_cache(callback)
  • tts(text, voice, nocache, callback)
  • voice_list(callback)


  • snapshot_list(callback)
  • clear_snapshots(callback)
  • take_snapshot(silent, callback)
  • snapshot_ftp(server, user, password, dir, silent, callback)


  • sound(id, url, callback)
  • sound_control(cmd, callback)
  • sound_list(callback)


  • tools_clearlog(callback)
  • tools_controllog(cmd, callback)
  • tools_log(callback)
  • tools_ls(callback)
  • tools_net(callback)
  • tools_ps(callback)
  • correct_permissions(callback)