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SSH Slack bot

A Slack bot to send SSH commands.


example image 1 example image 2 example image 3


These are environment variables the bot need :

  • SSH_USER : SSH user

  • SSH_HOST : SSH server

  • SSH_PASSWORD : (optional) SSH password

  • SSH_KEY : (optional) SSH private key

    Example (need to be multiline) :

    export SSH_KEY="-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
    -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----"
  • SSH_PREFIX_CMD : (optional) String to use as prefix of every command send

    Examples :

    SSH_PREFIX_CMD=ls will allow you to build a @ls bot. Simply call @ls /my/dir, @ls -all, ...

    SSH_PREFIX_CMD=docker will allow you to build a @docker bot. Simply call @docker ps, @docker rm test, ...

  • SSH_TIMEOUT : (optional, default 4 seconds) Number of seconds after the server should have ended his response. Prevent interactive commands to lock the app.

  • SLACK_API_TOKEN : Slack token of your bot




git clone https://github.com/guillaumewuip/ssh-slack-bot && cd ssh-slack-bot
npm install
node index.js #with correct env var