ZSet does not support "greater than" only "greater or equal to #93

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Redis supports calling zrevrangebyscore with a max and min value prefixed by a parenthesis. This syntax causes the range to be exclusive rather than inclusive.

See this example from the docs http://redis.io/commands/ZREVRANGEBYSCORE

edis> ZREVRANGEBYSCORE myzset 2 1
1) "two"
2) "one"
redis> ZREVRANGEBYSCORE myzset 2 (1
1) "two"
redis> ZREVRANGEBYSCORE myzset (2 (1
(empty list or set)

When you try this using FakeRedis, you get the following error since the min/max values are parsed as floats:

ArgumentError: invalid value for Float(): "(1391277300"

@timherby thanks for your bug report, can you help us with a PR to fix this?

I will be pretty busy with Rails 4.1.0.rc1 release on the next days and I won't have time to look this soon.


Hi @guilleiguaran, there you go. I added specs for both this and my other pull request. Please let me know if you need anything more.




Hi @guilleiguaran, I have a fix waiting for this. Any chance you could pull it in? Thanks very much!



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