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To run the project you will need PostgreSQL and PostGIS extension in your system, you can look in internet for guides like this for <a href="">Ubuntu Linux</a>, or this for <a href="">Mac OSX</a>
-You will need postgresql library for Ruby:
+You will need postgresql library for Ruby also:
$ sudo gem install postgresql
## Initial Config
+Put your Google Maps API Key in config/gmaps_api_key.yml and setup your database configuration in config/database.yml
You can run the server locally:
- $ rake gems:install #=> Install required dependencies
- $ rake db:create #=> Create DB, edit config/database.yml for setup your DB configuration
+ $ rake gems:install #=> Install required dependencies the first time
+ $ rake db:create #=> Create the database if you don't already
$ rake db:migrate #=> Create application database tables
$ script/server #=> Start Rails App

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