The official port of to Jekyll and a git-based workflow.
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Work in progress.

Work in progress.

Work in progress.


This repository is a gem-like Jekyll application for The preview is at

This is the "official" port, created by current contributors to (that is, the Visual Identity Team (VIT) as some used to call us). Obviously, other projects are welcomed, but eventually, there should be only one central ("official") website for Ruby, along other community-based resources such as RubySource, Ruby Inside… Eventually, Matz will decide if people are not able to agree.


This application is based around a Jekyll instance, but makes use of several other libraries and hand-made tools, to ease maintenance and deploy. Goals:

  • maintenance of through Github (this repos or another when it's ready)
  • page editions through pull requests, anyone is invited (whohoo!)
  • (hopefully) easy translations synchronisation thanks to the git workflow
  • (hopefully) a brand new content, hopefully maintained up-to-date thanks to the git workflow
  • a set of tools for maintainers (deploy etc.)

What's been done so far:

  • Thor tasks
  • The Jekyll application (templates, basic structure, helpers) – with a little design refresh based on Octopress excellent theme
  • A few pages (check under en and fr subdirectories), but more is coming really soon
  • Many discussions on about what to do next

What's missing so far:

  • Most of the content => porting to markdown
  • The credits page is important, asap!
  • The actual content overhaul (re-thinking everything)
  • Deploy tasks
  • Asking Matz
  • Production-ready checks (links, urls, content missing…) and deployment

How to contribute?

This is a git-based workflow. To edit pages, you may fork this project and request your changes to be merged (pull request). Github has a nice live-edit-and-pull-request feature, so one is not forced to clone the repository. If you happen to contribute on a regular basis, you'd join the rubylang Github Organization, allowing for commiting and live edits.


You may clone the repository and run the application on your local machine. See the "Install" section below.

Creating pages and news items

There are command line tasks for creating new pages and news items. Using those tasks prevents you from messing with the metadata, and ensure a few checks.

    thor new:page 'en/my/page' 'optional title'
    thor new:post 'Breaking news !'

Type in thor list to see all available tasks. We may turn this into a rubylang script.


    git clone

Required dependencies:

    gem install thor rack jekyll rdiscount RedCloth haml compass rubypants pygments.rb

If you use Bundler:

    bundle install

There is a .rvmrc that will come handy if you are using RVM.

Once every gem is installed:

    thor admin:preview
    open http://localhost:4000