Material for PyCon Sweden 2015 proposal/presentation
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Presentation material for PyCon Sweden 2015



Python in Life Sciences: How Python Drives the Analysis of Billions of DNA Sequences




30 minutes


A genomics research center produces larges amount of data per day; a single one of the new Illumina machines for sequencing can produce around 2TB of data composed of millions of files in under 3 days.

The first part will focus on how Python manages the preprocessing and analysis of billions of DNA sequences in a completely automated way. We will also cover how sequencing results are visualized using Flask and MongoEngine to solve medical mysteries in the clinic today.


  • Any Python programmer with interest in how Python is applied to the growing life sciences field of genomics.

  • Any scientist with interest in how other labs are managing the complex data flow and analysis of a genomics facility.

Python level



The attendees will learn about a state of the art genomics pipeline and how we use Python to manage, store and analyze large amounts of biologically-significant data.

They will also get a peek behind the website that allows clinicians to productively review results from DNA sequencing and make life-changing diagnoses.

Additional notes

The content of the presentation is structured into 3 different parts. On each part there is a file that accompany the slides for that part, which are located in the same directory under the name presentation.key

The complete slides set is located here.


Guillermo Carrasco:

Robin Andeer: