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If you have to do a migration with a lot of rows, you can't do something like these
  User.find(:all).each do { |u| ... }
because you load all the table in ruby memmory. Ruby-prof says that these is not good, so I do these.

==Summary & Examples

ActiveRecordEach is a 5 minutes plugin that implements ActiveRecord::Base.each instance method.

It acepts any parameter that find accept except :limit

Now you can easily do
  User.each (:conditions => "users.login LIKE 'g%') { |u| Notifier.deliver_report(u) }

It could be interesting make somthing like these:
  User.each (:step => 5) {|u| puts u.login}

And fetch 5 users per query


You have two methods:
 * If your rails app is managed by git
  git-submodule add   git:// vendor/plugins/active_record_each

 * If doesn't
  git-clone git:// vendor/plugins/active_record_each

Copyright (c) 2008 Guillermo Álvarez Fernández, released under the MIT license