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Jamal is a jQuery MVC Framework.

These plugin make the use of Jamal easy for a Rails developer.

It includes the last version of jamal MVC, and the last stable version of jquery. (Today is 18 March 09)


  ./script/plugin install git://


These plugin adds two basic rake task:

  rake jamal:install
      Install Jamal and JQuery.
        Create a RAILS_ROOT/client folder to start coding your client app.
        Copy all assets to public/javascript and public/stylesheets.

  rake jamal:update_assets
      Update assets app.
        Compile all code under RAILS_ROOT/client to public/javascripts/

And add a simple view helper to regenerate assets in development and include


That will include: jquery, jamal and your client app code.


Jamal Project:
These plugin repo:

Copyright (c) 2009 Guillermo Álvarez, released under the MIT license
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