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Vintageous is a comprehensive vi/Vim emulation layer for Sublime Text 3.

Vintageous has been discontinued.

The successor to Vintageous is Sublime Six.

See you in Sublime Six.


Make sure that Vintage is in the ignored_packages list in your user preferences.

You can install Vintageous in multiple ways:

Using Package Control

Search for 'Vintageous' and install.

Using a Pre-built Version
  1. Download the current build
  2. Copy Vintageous.sublime-package to the Installed Packages folder located under the data directory.
Building from Source
  1. Clone this repository
  2. Optionally, update to a specific tag
  3. Run ./bin/ (OS X/Linux) or bin/Publish.ps1 (Windows).

Refer to the wiki for more information.


Refer to the wiki.


See Vintageous/Preferences.sublime-settings for a comprehensive list of settings.

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