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Vi/Vim emulation for Sublime Text 3
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VintageousEx Cmdline.sublime-settings #182 - merge in VintageousEx
VintageousEx Cmdline.tmLanguage more fixes new core
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messages.json prep-release implement modelines refactor add tests fix tests tweak g_ fix #817 - repeat data made command mode sluggish wip: mouse support

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Click here to lend your support to: Vintageous and make a donation at !

Vintageous is a comprehensive vi/Vim emulation layer for Sublime Text 3.


Make sure that Vintage is in the ignored_packages list in your user preferences.

You can install Vintageous in multiple ways:

Using Package Control

Search for 'Vintageous' and install.

Using a Pre-built Version
  1. Download the current build
  2. Copy Vintageous.sublime-package to the Installed Packages folder located under the data directory.
Building from Source
  1. Clone this repository
  2. Optionally, update to a specific tag
  3. Run ./bin/ (OS X/Linux) or bin/Publish.ps1 (Windows).

Refer to the wiki for more information.


Refer to the wiki.


See Vintageous/Preferences.sublime-settings for a comprehensive list of settings.

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